Hidayatul Nurjanah, M.A. was born in Klaten. She completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature in UNRIYO, 2013 and her graduate degree in American Studies in UGM, 2016, both in Yogyakarta. Her writings mostly focus on issues related to American Literature, culture, and tradition, American transnationalism, and psychoanalysis. She is currently working as Lecturer in English Letters Study Program, Faculty of Cultures and Languages, UIN Raden Mas Said, Surakarta.
Her following essays and books have already printed and published in English version: Reading Žižek Death and Sublimation in Edgar Allan Poe’s Antagonism Tales (1-41), 2019, published by CV Gerbang Media Aksara, Yogyakarta. ISBN: 978-602-6248-62-6. Boaz Hagin’s Philosophy of Death as Reflected in the Hunger Games Trilogy Films (Volume 8/ Number 1 (38-49)) 2021, published online by Rubikon, UGM. E-ISSN: 2654-413X, ISSN: 2541-2248. The Collected Essays on Popular Fiction Literary Works from 19th to 21st Century, published by Sulur Pustaka, Yogyakarta 2021. ISBN: 978-623-6791-43-1. And also Literary Criticism from 16th to 21st Century: The Collected Essays published by Gerbang Media Aksara Yogyakarta (Anggota IKAPI), Yogyakarta 2021. ISBN: 978-623-6666-53-1.